Day in the Life

This is more or less for everyone who texts me at 10:30 p.m. and tries to start a conversation. 

4:40 a.m. – First alarm goes off. I snooze every nine minutes until around 5:20 a.m. I do not respond well to alarms.

5:20-5:45 – Get ready. This typically consists of trying on 3-4 different “teacher” outfits before deciding to wear the first one I put on.

5:45 – Head to dining hall with my lunch box. Go through lunch line to assemble my lunch for the day. They give you plenty of options, but there’s a 97% chance I’ll take a garden salad, ranch dressing, garden salsa SunChips, an apple, a chocolate chip cookie, and a Diet Coke.

5:50 – Speedily navigate the dining hall in search of breakfast 1 & 2. Breakfast 1 is usually yogurt or cereal and is eaten in the dining hall. Breakfast 2 is a scone or muffin or a croissant that I pack and save for later in the day.

6:05 – Decide if I’m going to be an adult who drinks coffee in her tumbler or a child who drinks Diet Coke instead, then I board the bus.

6:15 – The bus leaves right on time, and I sit in the back of the bus because I’m a kool kat and listen to my four-song playlist on repeat.

6:30 – Arrive at school, begin school team meeting, followed by time to prep for class.

7:10 – Students arrive for breakfast. We can remediate or just hang out with students during this time.

7:45 – First block of classes begin. I don’t teach now. Instead, I go to a general session on how to be a teacher (ex. introducing academic content, responding to classroom behavior, etc.)

9:05 – PREP TIME / second breakfast time


  • Class looks something like this: I teach academic content (like histograms) for 55 minutes. My collab (co-teacher) and I team-teach a 20 minute culture building session (like how to apply to college). My collab teaches more academic content for 55 minutes.

12:25 p.m. – Students leave to have lunch in the cafeteria. We bring our lunch to go hang out with them and build relationships.

1:05 – More general sessions on teaching.

2:10 – Work time! Grade papers, enter grades, breathe.

2:40 – Lesson Planning Clinics (read: supervised lesson planning time).

4:30 – Board bus and depart for campus. Listen to the same four-song playlist on repeat.

4:50 – Change into running shorts, a t-shirt, and no I’m not going for a run, flip flops. Walk to dining hall and feel bad about myself as I watch my peers begin their afternoon workouts while I can only be bothered to run to dinner because the hanger is settling in.

5:00 – DINNER. Pizza, pasta, tacos, salad, ice cream, brownies, french fries, etc.

5:45 – More lesson planning. Print all necessary materials for the next day (worksheets, tests, handouts, and more). Start lesson planning for the day after next. I’m pretty much consistently doing work from now until bedtime. Sometimes I remember to breathe.

9:30 (ideally)/10:30 (usually)- Shower and bed time. Because if you scroll back up to the top you’ll see that I’m waking up at 4:40 a.m. and I am a) not a morning person and b) a child who requires 8 hours of sleep a night.


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