The Stanley Cup

So this is hard, right? I think you’ve gotten that impression. That I’m a little depressed because I don’t want to move on. It is. It’s also hard because usually only get five or six hours of sleep. I spend all day, everyday with the same people. I’m writing lesson plan after lesson plan after lesson plan. The work never ends and the sleep never starts. But – but when I’m texting my sister whining for hours about how sad I am, and how none of my old friends will respond to my texts and they’re all off having new lives they don’t want me to be a part of, there’s one thing she has to mention to get me to smile. It’s not the upcoming weekend, or that I might get to see those friends I miss during the three weeks I have off. It’s my kids.

I have 25-ish kids (depending on how many show up) and they’re the greatest. Most of them hate math. Actually, probably all of them hate math. They all failed their exit tickets on the first three days. They did better on the forth day, but it was obvious they still couldn’t grasp the concepts without my help. We aim for 100% of them passing the end of course test (EOCT) at the end of the summer. I was pretty sure none of them would pass it. But on Friday, on Friday they took a test to review how well they understood the material for the week. I somehow got them to take it in absolute silence (which had yet to happen that week), and each of them completed it entirely on their own (or at least without my help). 20% of the class got 100s. Most of them passed. No one got below a 40. I am SO proud of them.

On Thursday, I gave them four extra credit questions on their exit ticket. In addition to turning my kids into critical thinkers, problem solvers, and mathematicians in three weeks, they’re also going to become world citizens. Therefore, I asked them who Eric Cantor is, who was playing in the Stanley Cup, what the highest grossing movie last weekend, and what the Tony awards are given for. Maybe six kids knew Rangers/Kings, but otherwise they left all the questions blank. However, I have two chickens who got creative for their answer for #4. They said the Tony’s are skateboarding awards. Because they thought about it, reasoned that the awards were probably named after someone named Tony, thought of Tony Hawk, and guessed maybe they were skateboarding awards. They thought about it! They thought critically!! I wanted to give them credit anyways just for thinking and reasoning and maybe doing something that I taught them how to do. Who knows. 

But that’s how I get through today and that’s what gets me out of bed at 4:40 a.m. and that’s how I get past missing my old life and my old friends. Because I have 25 lil gophers who need me to teach them about how to find the best fit line and that the Stanley Cup is for hockey and what a democracy is and that the Hunger Games was a book before it was a movie. 


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