Extra Credit

One of my goals for my students is to help them become more culturally aware and knowledgable of what is going on in the world. They’re going to be college-ready scholars who can recognize a photo of Joe Biden. In an effort to make the class more fun for them (and me), I’ve added four bonus questions to the exit ticket for each day. It’s a 10 point quiz total, and each extra credit question is worth half a point. 

I have incorporated that above mentioned vision and goals into my classroom by making these extra credit questions about various factors going on in the would around them. Below is my list of questions I’ve used so far- keep in mind that, on average, >99% of the class got these questions wrong. After they finish, I explain the answers to them and try to demonstrate the significance of the factoid. If you have suggestions for future questions (but not: what do you turn down for?), hmu. 
What was the top grossing movie the weekend of June 10?
What are the Tony awards given for?
What two teams are in the Stanley Cup finals?
What position did Eric Cantor just resign?
Define democracy. 
What county is hosting the 2014 FIFA World Cup?
Name one Fortune 500 company headquartered in Atlanta. 
Name three colleges in the state of Georgia.
What city hosted the 2014 Winter Olympics?
Who is the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom?
Who wrote the Harry Potter series?
What is the highest score you can earn on the ACT?
Draw a platypus. 
Who painted Starry Night? (I included a picture of it)
Name three of the five states that border Georgia. 
How many US Senators are there?

One thought on “Extra Credit

  1. Joanne cohen says:

    How about these?
    Who is the mayor of Atlanta ?
    What is the minimum wage per hour?
    What is the difference between Wikipedia and a search engine like Google or Firefox ?
    What was unique about the broadcast for the daytime Emmys this year?
    What is the difference between a savings account and a debit account?

    I’ll keep thinking
    Xoxox tata

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