I have realized that my Facebook is filled with Buzzfeed articles, my Twitter holds all my sassy 2 a.m. thoughts, and my Instagram just documents any food I’ve eaten. While all of this is useful information, if you’re wondering what’s actually going on in my life, you can’t find that out unless you talk to me. And I know that if I have to text someone to ask how their life is going, there’s a 0% chance I’ll ever ask. And on top of that, I’m about to spend the next two years running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Meaning if you do send me a text or happen to have a rare sighting on me on gchat, I’ll likely just send you my token I-don’t-have-time-for-this response: “it’s stressful and exhausting but so rewarding!!”

So hi. Here’s what’s happening in my life. Writing helps me process it and think about what I am doing and it also allows me to update my mom without having to find time during daylight hours to call her (sorry mom).

You can scroll down and read about my institute/induction experience. I obviously recommend you start at the beginning but clearly I have no control over that.

Professional development (aka orientation/work) starts tomorrow. School starts on the 18th. I have a beautiful apartment and a shiny new car. I don’t have a bed but shh who’s counting.

P.S. These posts aren’t all as depressing as the one below this, I swear. This is just bad timing. Starting a new life is scary, y’know?


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