Year One


Three quick stories re: my children and how on a daily basis they make me 1) cry 2) pull my hair out and 3) LOL.

1. I teach juniors Algebra I. They struggle with the basics, and I’m often frustrated because they seem to lack an understanding of the fundamentals that I had mastered in 8th grade. How do I teach them Algebra I, when I don’t think they’d pass 6th grade math? On Thursday I talked to them about their progress so far, and how they were feeling about the class. They asked me to slow down, and shared that this was because while they’d taken math in ninth grade, they didn’t really learn anything. They said they’d had a variety of subs for the whole semester and everyday they were just handed worksheets and told “here do this.” Therefore, they were behind on the basics, and wanted me to just slow down and teach them all that they’d missed by missing a year of math. Cue heartbreak.

2. I gave my seniors a quiz on Friday. 45 minutes to do 15 multiple choice questions. “You can use your notes, the book, your calculator, each other, me, the computers in the back – anything. All of you should get 100’s on this. I’m giving you all the resources possible to get every question right!” Average score on the quiz? 62. -___-

3. One of my freshmen girls on the senior boy who wears skinny jeans to school instead of baggy cargo pants like everyone else: “So, is he gay, or is he a model?” Because yes, those are the only two possible explanations.


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