Year One

Turn Up

NB: if you don’t understand the concept of turning up or down, please listen to this while reading this for a quick explanation.

Friday was Homecoming.

Surprisingly similar to my own high school experience, I’m popular amongst the senior football players. They frequently stop by my room to chat between classes, or when they’re supposed to be in class, despite the fact none of them are actually on my roster.

On Friday, in between second and third block, the quarterback swings past to say hey.

“Hey what’s up?” -him
“Nothing much, you excited for tonight?!” -me
“You know it! Homecoming! It’s gonna be great. Turn up!”
“Yeah! … What! No. Turn down! Turn down!”
“What?? NAW turn up!!”

[here he begins to walk to his next class, and I begin to yell down the hallway to him]


Happy Homecoming.


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