Year One


I took my kids to a TEDx conference on Saturday. It will probably be the highlight of my TFA experience.

We heard from 25 different speakers, from an inspirational 17-year-old to a 71-year-old man in a question mark suit.

We participated in an MP3 Experiment, played ninja, and wrote our plans to change the world on paper airplanes. We learned about failure, and personal branding, and competitive kayaking, and car design, and how to find your dream job. The boys all fell in love this woman when she sang, and the girls (okay maybe just me) drooled as this man explained how he comes up with his ideas. We laughed and laughed and laughed. We laughed at the people laughing at jokes that weren’t funny. We talked about the Smurfette Principle, and sky diving, and why girls should learn how to code and how to use a paper towel.

We’re having a group reflection session during lunch on Friday to discuss what ideas still resonate with us after the week. I promised them french fries and Oreo McFlurries. I can’t wait to hear what they think.

I might suck at teaching math, and I definitely said fuck you to a child (lovingly I swear), and I made a student yell penis inside Firehouse Subs, BUT at the end of the day twelve of my favorite students got this really cool and maybe even life changing experience because of their totally random and super strange 22-year old math teacher.



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