Year Two


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I’m basically a 14-year old boy when it comes to my sense of humor. There are times where I genuinely have to stop myself from saying, “that’s what she said,” or something else that’s likely to derail my lesson.

However, I have a weakness. Sometimes, when kids ask are asking something they know they shouldn’t be (probably when I’m in the middle of introducing new material) I have a tendency to give a sassy response.

“Ms. Abram, what are you going to be for Halloween?” Your mom.
“Ms. Abram, what’s the answer to #4?” Your mom.
“Ms. Abram, what’s your number?” 1-800-your-mom

I know it’s not the most adult response, but it makes them laugh and it makes me laugh and then, we can (typically) keep going without my lesson getting horribly misdirected by me going into a speech about what I had for dinner last night.

EXCEPT there’s a problem

A pretty significant portion of my students have mothers that passed away when they were young, or don’t have custody of them, or an assortment of other horrible situations that break my heart daily.

It’s unintentionally painful when you say “your mom” to a kid who knows you adores him, but doesn’t have a mom.

So, I’ve changed. Instead of saying your mom, I say deez nuts. HAHAHAH. Deez nuts.

Ok that’s your slice of humor and heartbreak for the day. xoxo.



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