Year Two


In order to recall what February was like, I literally have to go back to my planner and figure out what went on for those 29 days. I’m looking at it now and laughing out loud. Here’s a snapshot-

And an overview of the highlights of the month (ok I’m sneaking March in here too, even though it could warrant a whole other post).

  • I coached our HS Academic Challenge Team. We won more games than our football team did. My proudest moment was when one of my kids correctly gave the decimal form of 10101.
  • I went to DC for a conference and wrecked my ankle nearly falling off a stationary bike. I also went to the OEOB for an education policy panel and did my best to channel my inner CJ Cregg.
  • I took 28 children to DC for a weekend. It still feels surreal. I’ll write a separate post about this whole adventure.
  • Google Cardboard came to my school. We went on virtual field trips to everywhere from Mars to the bottom of the ocean to Versailles. One of my kids said that his favorite field trip was to the Great Barrier Reef, because he’d probably never get to see it in real life, because he can’t swim.
  • We had a 4 day weekend. On the Friday, I took 5 students to hear Hillary Clinton speak at South Carolina State University. On the Monday, I took two kids to tour Coker College.
  • We went to another TEDx Conference.
  • We went on a field trip to a STEM exhibition in Charleston that was across the street from Emanuel AME Church.
  • The robots finally arrived.
  • Spring Break finally arrived.



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