Year Two


Disclaimer: I wrote this post in January. Oops.

The following image, and ones similar to it, kept popping up in my Twitter feed over winter break.


It was one of those things that a few years ago I would have thought was hysterical, and now, on the other end of the tunnel, just doesn’t sit right in my stomach (much like the sugary + greasy combination of having only hush puppies and a Cheerwine float for dinner).

Our next unit in algebra II is logarithmic and exponential functions. We just learned what logarithms are, what they mean, etc. What exponent is required to go from a base of b to a value of a? And the whole time I can’t help but think to myself, “is this the most important thing for my kids to be learning right now?”

I decided the answer was no. We did a giant financial literacy project that took up the whole third quarter. I hope that one day, a dozen years from now, my students will be browsing funny memes on Tumblr and smile because their teacher actually taught them about how to do their taxes.


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